Monday, June 25, 2007

Rodrigo & Gabriela: A MUST-SEE!

There's something terribly wrong with you if you don't fall in love with this instantly! I did, and I couldn't but buy their CD. Check 'em out. Matter of fact: you MUST check 'em out ... and let us know if you like it, there's lots of similar stuff to share.

Rodrigo and Gabriela are a Mexican musical duo who specialize in playing fast, rhythmic acoustic guitars.

So for all our many viewers/listeners who've asked us for something un-Rock-'n-Roll-ish, (it's just one really, Isam) ENJOY!

Here's one of their best pieces:


And yet another wonderful performance:

Diablo Rojo

And this is my favorite!

Stairway to Heaven (but not the one you know)


7aki Fadi said...

Thanks a lot DJ whosane ;). This is great!

Maher said...

Wow!! that Girl rocks!!!
Thank you for sharing this !!

No_Angel said...

hey thank you for promoting Rodrigo y Gabriela. they sure are great. Plus there is an older live session album which is also great
especially captain casanova
album on amazon

mazz said...

finally! people promoting rodrigo and gabriella! they're pretty amazing! no_angel actually introduced me to them! and for that i'll be eternally in debt!

Who's-sane! said...

hmmmmmm, and I thought I was bringing something really new to our blogosphere :-/

thanks for the link bambam!

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

they are pretty good ... ur favourite one is the best one ... it has all the art ... and btw he is the better player ... not she as i read in the comments ... his fingers catch notes like magic ...

if u like this kind of guitar playing , i can recommend these :

Armik (way better than Rodrigo et Gabriela) , Cafe del Mar (its a collection ... like Buddha bar albums) , Esperanza , Sevillanas Flamencas , José Luis Encinas , Luis Villegas , Oscar Lopez , Pavlo , Tierra Negra ...

i have more if u like ... but they are slower ... not the fast rhythm of those above ...

and 7aki and Who-sane : can you please choose something tha i actually have to stream to listen to and not open my Media Library ??

:nathret el ta7ade taba3et abtal el mala3eb:

Tala said...

its great music, but soon btizha2hom and you stop missing the record. i donno this is how i felt. it misses something.

Who's-sane! said...

Glad y'all liked it!

isam, sawfa aqdi 3alayka 7atta law kana hatha akhira 3amalin fee 7ayati!! :P

and yes I do agree, he's the best of both, but she's not bad, considering she's a girl ;-) ... lol, no offense to anyone