Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Songs of Sia

I wish I can see who checks this blog out cause it seems like the contributors are the only ones that check it, either way the music is out there and it's good music with a heaps of variety.

Either way first time I heard Sia singing she just mesmerized me with her vocals on the track for zero 7 called destiny that was used for a commercial that slips my mind now. I used to wait for that commercial to run so i can listen to the song since I had no idea what the song was.

Anyways forward ahead in time and Sia still sends my mind into a state of bliss when i listen to her songs

Sia - Breathe me
If you are a fan of six feet under this song is certain to stir up your emotions. and if you aren't a fan that song will hopefully have the same effect on you, plus the video is pretty amazing !

Sia - Blow it all away



asoom said...

I was sitting in starbucks one day and I was totally loving the song that was playing. I couldn't make it who it was and I thought it was Tori Amos. I asked the barista and he said "Sia" and I decided to get her album except it was way too expensive at starbucks. When I left I totally forgot about it all.

TeacherLady said...

You can use Google Analytics to get information on visits to your blog... It's no OVERLY specific, but it gives you countries and cities where visitors are logging in from.

Rambling Hal said...

I check your blog out! I totally do! I love it, I'm just lazy about commenting. :D Keep it up you guys, this is a great blog, truly. And this is being said by Not-Very-Nice-Rambling-Hal, so you KNOW it's true :p