Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jackson Browne - Stay [Live 1978]

I just love this song, well yes it is a bit old... Okay too old, but still the good music never dies.

This is my favorite part:

'Cause when that mornin' sun comes beating down
you're gonna wake up in your town
and we'll be scheduled to appear

a thousand miles away from here

People stay just a little bit longer
we want to play, just a little bit longer

Now the promoter don't mind

and the union don't mind

if we take a little time

and we leave it all behind and sing

one more song here

Enjoy. :)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who did the backup singing on the original recording for Jackson Browne (I believe recorded live)?

Jasim said...

I'm not sure about this, but I believe that Rosemary Butler was Jakson's backup singer for many songs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I too have wanted to know for YEARS who is the unbelievable woman singing back-up on this song. Anybody.....?

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Rosemary Butler is the backup singer.
I have the original vinyl record in front of me. "Running On Empty" is a very good album!
"Stay" is the last title. It has been recorded live on stage in Maryland-8/27/77.
Doug Haywood and Rosemary Butler are the singers.
The female voice is the same on the record and on this video: no possible confusion!

The "rare vocal appearance" that you can hear after Rosemary's performance is made by David Linley (Fiddle & lapsteel)

Christophe, from France