Saturday, December 1, 2007

My favorite movie soundtrack - Blow

This is , I think , my favorite movie soundtrack ever.

The first song is by The Rolling Stones

Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Rolling Stones

The next one might put you to sleep but I like it, makes me think. Apparently Link Wray was a great very influential guitar player...never heard of him, heheeee.

Rumble - Link Wray

Next is Glad and Sorry by The Faces from their Ooh La La album.

I couldn't find it :( I love this song, I found the "The Black Crows" singing it, it was sung best by the faces so , sorry people, try to download the original, it's great.

Now this is good, ok I am biased so I can't give you an unbiased opinion because I like the whole soundtrack.

Strange Brew - Cream

I already featured the next song on the blog before, a bunch of fugly dudes but damn, I like this song, but honestly, dudes, you ugly, lol.

Black Betty - Ram Jam

Next is my favorite on the soundtrack (did I already say I have a favorite?) If I did this overrides it. Blinded by the light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

This song is as old as me. Guess how old I am :D .

Blinded by the light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Next is :

KC & Sunshine Band - Keep It Comin' Love

Then it's :

That Smell - Lynard Skynard

Next is the easiest Song to remember cos the lyrics are only tow lines heheehe

All The Tired Horses (Bob Dylan)

I like this one

Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See

Nikka Costa - Push & Pull

I couldn't find:
Boogaloo (Willie Rosario).
Yellow World (J Girls).

One observation, why are all the 70's singers wanting in the looks and style department? Seriously? wus up with that?

Anyhoo, for all the lyrics go here

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do.

So what's your favorite soundtrack? Please share.


Made in Jordan said...

At the risk of sounding VERY boring. I think mine would be The Hours (or anything done by Philip Glass for that matter). Trainspotting and Matrix both had really good soundtracks too, but I really can't remember anything else now...

No_Angel said...

hmm favourite soundtrack, matrix is up there, garden state are up there
think blade and spawn had interesting takes on them
but hands down it would go to shingetsutan tsukihime and GITS:Stand alone complex

7aki Fadi said...

MIJ, no angel: I will check them out. I love discovering new stuff (could be old I guess)

asoom said...

I loved this movie, thanks for the list!

One of my favorite movie soundtracks is romeo and juliet (the claire danes and leonardo dicaprio version). There's 2 volumes, the first song is the actual songs and the second is alot of movie score.

Also, Now & Then! that's like my favorite childhood movie and I loved all the songs.