Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 10 songs of 2007

#1. Rehab
by Amy Winehouse

She said I don't wanna go to rehab no no no. I really think she should reconsider. Have you seen her in the tabloids recently?

It's a good tune though.

#2. 1 2 3 4
by Feist

IPod made a good decision at having this song as their theme song, it's catchy.

#3. Umbrella
by Rihanna

Um-ba-rella, ella, ella .

#4. All My Friends
by LCD Soundsystem

Honestly, this is the first time I hear this song.

#5. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
by Radiohead

Radiohead made history this year by offering their record online for as much as you are willing to pay

#6. I Get Money
by 50 Cent

#7. Hey There Delilah
by Plain White T's

The sound, the lyrics the music, lovely love song.

#8. Me Llaman Calle
by Manu Chao

Have no clue what he's saying. Nice music.

#9. Potential Break-up Song
by Aly & AJ

Not what I typically listen to but I like it

#10. Baby Fratelli
by The Fratellis



Nora said...

Another kick ass playlist!

Not bad taste in music!!


asoom said...

50 cent and no kanye west...interesting!

In case you don't know about their fued, they both had albums that released around the same time this year and 50 cent said hat if kanye's sold more than his than he would retire, and it did sell more but no word and whether he kept his end of the deal.

habbabi said...

go manu! his myspace rocks too:

Dandoon said...

YESSS Rehab is such a catchy song...I spent last semester obsessing about this song and Wish You were here :S
How come no one told me about Radio HEads when I was younger :(
I hate 50 cent's music..HATE IT

7aki Fadi said...

nora: glad you liked it. thanks for dropping by!

asoom; Yeah I remember the whole bet. 50 is not going anywhere.

habbabi: thanks for sharing :)

dandoon: good song eh? too bad she is jut so unattractive and just sounds like a dude
As for radio head, they are just really good

Nora said...

I agree...
Winehouse looks and sounds like a dude! But I am in love with most of her songs!!!