Monday, March 31, 2008


Ever heard of her? She's one of the best rock singers out there, not so much known because... Well I don't know why! All I know is that her name is Anouk Teeuwe, and she's from the Netherlands.

Anyway, if you're into light rock, then check those two songs, it's not a must, but well if you can spare some time then you'll like her. :D

This one is called Nobody's Wife. I like the song, and I think that the video is simple yet brilliant.

The great Losing my Religion in her voice, now this is a must. Unfortunately I couldn't find the video, but I guess this will do. Simply amazing.


7aki Fadi said...

Never heard of her.

She did losing my religion very nicely.

Jasim said...

Glad you liked it. :)