Thursday, March 20, 2008

My American Idol Favorites

This year the talent on American Idol is AMAZING. They are original. Talented. Can sing and they have a personality.

My number one choice would be "Brooke White", she is very good. She sings with emotion and you can tell she loves to sing and loves the songs she is singing. She plays the Piano and the guitar.

Here's her singing " Let it be".

Another favorite is Jason Castro. AMAZING. I love this song. He plays the drums and the guitar.

Here's him singing "Hallelujah" .

Another guy I like is David Cook,He plays the guitar. I never thought it was possible to rock the song "Hello" By Linoel Richie but he did it!

Not sure if Carly Smithson will win but she sang Black bird and it was amazing. This woman is such a good singer.

I will keep you updated on more performances


Isam said...

David Cook is amazing ... also David Guetta ... but he is still young but i see great potential in him ...

7aki Fadi said...

isn't he??
who's david Guetta? You mean david Archuleta? He is very talented, not sure he can be an artist yet, he is too young I think

Isam said...

yea ur right i meant Archuleta ... but come on ! WHO IS DAVID GUETTA ! R U SURE UR ON EARTH ???

and this

just watch this ...

in fact am gonna make a new post abt him :)