Sunday, May 4, 2008

Awesomest Videos: Rob D. - Clubbed to death

Another week, and another awesomest video. What do you think this one is about ?



asoom said...

that is a cool video!

7aki Fadi said...


It's about resistance maybe? Like it's really hard at first and then it gets easier and affects other people eventually to resist.

And the guy is hot...LOL.

No_Angel said...

hmmm... my take on the video:
it discuss the class system in society, where the majority are little people and the minority are the big cajones (fish/balls) in which the little person occupied in his daily life keeps on moving backwards deluded by his futile struggle and relationships.
The only way to break that class is with super human perseverance and ignoring other little people till u actually make it as a big guy .... but most loose their hearts along the journey but it seems that our guy didn't.

anyways ... i think that goes into that am reading too much into it :P
Rob D. is yummy .... to me, his music atleast :P

NeverMind said...

oops.. can't see it.. no longer available *sigh