Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lighthouse Family - High

Inspiring lyric, nice video.



sara said...

YOU KNOW JASIM, when I saw this title on qwaider planet, I came to see ewho posted this, and i found it to be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my & my li'l brother's (pudding) song!!!!!!!!

When he gets yelled at from dad/mom or somethin, i pass by next to him and sing by whispering (when ur close to tears remember, someday...) and he LAAAAAAAAUGHS.. Or winks in the midst of the hole he's in.. And the same with me.. When im sooooo down, he sings it..
he even scribbled it down once for me, and eversince, its been stuck on my bed.. I SEE IT EVERYDAY!

he got a new ipod last month, and first thing he did was put it with the lyrics and came to my room, put the airphones in my ears and played it with the lyrics.. HABEEEEEEEEB ALBY PUDDING..

It's really special.. Even, in my flickr account, you'll find a picture of him & the song..

(i put up my whole account as flickr is blocked here and i cant see the picture and get u the exact link.. ull find it anyway)


Jasim said...

You know, my brother told me about the song, and it's really nice.

God bless you and your brother, Sara. Allah ye5aleelik eyah you guys are great. :D

And yeah I saw the picture but it's a bit blurry!