Thursday, July 26, 2007

Arabisque - The non bubble-gum over-produced variety

I feel like the most unapt person to do this, and even more so since I usually only do the playlist here.
The thing is that this blog seems to be lacking arabic songs, and I always get "some" because I find arabic songs mostly boring.

So here are some songs that I like...

Natasha Atlas - Gafsa

Macadi Nahas - "various" (she has a very soothing voice)

Fairouz - 3atinee 2al naya

ps. You won't see more arabic songs from me for a long long long long long .... et cetera ... long time


7aki Fadi said...

I didn't get it, how long are you gonna not post Arabic songs for? hehehe

Cool songs. Although I have to admit while listning to the first song I was about to fall into a comma HAHHAHAHAHA

Who's-sane! said...

I don't like listening to Arabic to music, but I L.O.V.E watching Haifa Wahbi's songs :-D ...

Tala said...

i think Arabic music is rich.. boring yes and recently disposable, its the bass that goes like tak-kish tak-kish all the time and never change over the decades! just focus a bit in most of the recent songs and you'll find it,, no good composers, no good lyrics, no decent videos,, though eygptians are changing a bit, i wish they change the themes for the songs.. but lebanese are roaming around the same stuff. been looking for some arabic songs.. its hard to find interesting ones. its like shallow in application, though sources are just brilliant and it can do much.. because it has a character

Tala said...

by the way, i blame Rotana so much!!!! i support star academy btw for the classes they give the students, forget about the reality show part of it, but what they give them is very essential for anyone who wants to work in the music business.