Saturday, July 7, 2007

Paul Potts - Extraordinary talent

This man is absolutely unbelievably talented.

All through listening to him I got goose bumps and teary eyed…. AMAZING.

And who says Opera is not cool?

Believe in your dreams :)


Oh, and he won by the way.

Paul Potts - Nessun Dorma

OMG I just listened to it again , AMAZING....

Here's another one

Con Te Partiro

Nessun Dorma again



Who's-sane! said...

wow 7aki, this guy is good! The first song was great, I can't comment on the second song cuz it's best performed by Andrea Bocelli

7aki Fadi said...

See whosane, I liked this guy better. Maybe because he was live so you feed off the audiences reaction, the clapping and the cheering.

And he looked soooooooo maskeen too, sa7? Inno how can you not love him or cheer for him???

No_Angel said...

I had to start my morning listening to this, it never fails to shrivel my skin...
he is so good, although i can't help but be a lil mean and say that he needs to fix up that tooth after he gets his recording contract

7aki Fadi said...

no_angel: my sister and I had that discussion and we thought that if he fixes his tooth he might have to relearn how to speak...he spent all his life speaking with his F'd up tooth.

High risk.

But the tooth grows on you .... LOL

Maher said...

The first video is amazing!