Monday, July 16, 2007

Playlist of July 16

Hey 7aki, Hey who-sane here is my contribution.
I need access to the template to be able to edit it to include the playlist so for now it is a post.

Playlist July 16 :

  • Live - Dolphin's cry
  • Live - I alone
  • Charlie Hunter - Come As You Are
  • ZZ Top - Blue Jeans Blue
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse - My My, Hey Hey
  • Charlie Christian - Rose Room

Next time I'll try something less archaic and more of the less exposed genres on this blog

ps. Rght clck 2 dwnld


7aki Fadi said...

Hey no-angel, this is GREAT! Welcome to the blog!

By the way, I love I alone! First time I heard it, it was actually a cover in a competition (star InXS, have you watched it?) and I fell in love.

Lemmie see about the whole template access thingie. But I kinda like the list in a post :)

No_Angel said...

ok list in the post it, that way you can always go back to get those songs later.
and i think i know what ur talking about (although it might be second season since it was supernova and not inxs) did the have the crazy south african chick called delaila i think

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

right click where exactly ?? i dont think its working ... or mayeb this thing is censored here :(

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

nevermind ... its working now :) great list

Who's-sane! said...

WOW! Dolphin's cry ROCKS!!!
this is the video:

Thanks bambam, and that's the only song I heard till now :)

Who's-sane! said...

WOW! A jazzy come as you are! amazing shit bambam!

and ZZ Top's blue jeans blye is AWESOME!

shit and I just heard Neil Young's ... it's wonderful!

don't tell me Charlie Christian's song is good too? i still didn't listen to it ... well ok, it's not that bad really .. very oldie style, like the kinda songs played in The Great Gatsby, if you've ever seen the movie, it's good, but the music is not bad!

bambam, you made my day man!! and you've definitely raised the bar!! :-D

No_Angel said...

isam sorry of i wasn't too clear about the right click thing, glad that you got it working
who-sane Hehe glad you enjoyed the list, was in a jazzy blues mood for this one ;) sorry if the rose room was kinda slow (i imagine my self in a 40's cabaret smoking a cuban wearing my squeeky kleen white suite and flashing my 2 gallon of grease haircut, thats why i like it)

will try to keep 'em coming