Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lightning Crashes

I love this song and the worthy cause behind it.

A girl gets killed by a drunk driver. The girl had many of her organs donated and by doing that she enabled others to stay alive. This song, by Live, was dedicated to that girl, Barbara Lewis.

Live - Lightning Crashes

Lightning crashes, a new mother cries

Her placenta falls to the floor
The angel opens her eyes
The confusion sets in
Before the doctor can even close the door

Lightning crashes, an old mother dies
Her intentions fall to the floor
The angel closes her eyes
The confusion that was hers
Belongs now, to the baby down the hall

Oh now feel it comin' back again
Like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin' from the center of the earth again
I can feel it.

Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
This moment she's been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
Pale blue colored iris,
Presents the circle
And puts the glory out to hide, hide

PS: I love the scroll frame. Thanks Isam! :-)


No_Angel said...

Hey 7aki ! Thanks for this song, and i didn't know that about the background of the story although i thought it was something about labor like the labor of his daughter or something
Now dolphin's cry and I alone should have a place on this blog too :D
and my offer for a weekly playlist still stands ;)

No_Angel said...

oops sorry when i came back to listen to this song again i noticed it was who-sane and not 7aki sorry

7aki Fadi said...

No-Angel: Why don't you add dolphin's cry and I alone to the playlist you are going to add ;)

7aki Fadi said...

whosane: I really love this song, I did not know the story behind it either, good stuff!

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

very nice song ... makes u think ...

and a first for my days in music ... FINALLY a song i dont know or have ... RIGHT ON ... :)

abt the scroll thing ... i want to change the background color to match my blog ... but i cant find the code of the green i have ... can u help me with that ??

Who's-sane! said...

glad you liked it guys! :-)

isam: sorry buddy, no idea how to edit it, I know that you have to play with the (style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153) but I don't know what the HTML colors are, I'm sure it's on the net though, but I'm satisfied with the way it looks now :-)