Friday, July 27, 2007

A khabeesa of song covers.

This is THE BEST Bohemian Rhapsody cover and by a woman.

Suzie McNeil - Bohemian Rhapsody


This is a cover for a Brtiney Spears song with a twist, trust me it's good.

Marty Casey - Baby One More Time


More of Marty..after the show he got back to his band called "Marty and the Love Hammers".

Marty Casey - I Alone


And more Suzie ... she's Canadian, eh...all those American show's like rockstar Inxs and Rockstar supernova were won by Canadians...what can I say, we Canadians are talented .. hehehehe..did you notice the we? As if inno for real, I just became Canadian last year ... hahahaha ...anyways, enough of my silly talk, enjoy the song.

Suzie mcneil - Losing my religion


She's Pretty good

Jordis Unga - Heart-Shaped Box

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bakkouz said...

Jordis Unga's cover of The man who sold the world is better, its really really really good, better than her cover of Heart shaped Box :)