Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesomest Music videos: Unkle - eye for an eye

To atone for my sins am going to start this up in an attempt to create some discussions.
Every once in a while I come across some amazing music videos that tend to give character and depth to the lyrics that really take it to the next level. So every so often am gonna post one of those music videos and see what you guys/girls think they are trying to say with the videos.

So first up is a song by Unkle called "an eye for an eye" can you think they were trying to say with the video ?



7aki Fadi said...


I don't know why but Israel comes to mind. Horrible things happened to them and now they are doing horrible things too to other people.

This clip is kinda creepy a little bit, but it's good. thanks for sharing it :D .

No_Angel said...

actually i cheated in this one...
but thats the one that made most sense to me. (it's not verbatim but its one of the comments on the video on utube)

It's about how as children we are fed that overly posh and fluffy view of the world. how everything is perfect and the world is just a beautiful place to be and as we grow older we suddenly find out what an utterly despicable world we live in that is torn by war, famine, deceit, and general ugliness.
in that shift in perception of the our, our childhood innocence is corrupted and we shed our bubble.