Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mariah Carey's New Hit!

I swear people I'm not selling out! Sappy pop music isn't usually what I like to listen to but I always felt a special connection to Mariah Carey. Despite her trainwreck days, some stupid songs, and that needy vibe she gives off I think I'll always love her.

Mariah Carey's Music Box was the second album I ever owned; my best friend made a copy of hers and then gave it to me as a very late birthday gift when I was in fifth grade. I've been told a few times that I resemble her, so I always feel the need to represent my alleged celebrity look-a-like. That's natural, don't you?

This is Mariah Carey singing her new release titled Bye Bye on American Idol and I'll be singing it all week.

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Bye Bye Lyrics


Kristen Bjorg said...

When I was in Korea,Mariah would be constantly on the American TV that is what the young soldiers would watch,and I did too.They liked watching music videos.And I guess they thought her sexy.Since I'm a straight woman, she does nothing for me,I don''t know about if lesbians like her.

Since she is so popular,I guess people like her voice.I'm trying to figure out why she is so famous.

I find it hard to believe,asoom,that people compare you to Mariah Carey,you don't come across to be anything like her.Especially when it comes to the way she dresses.I've Seen those outfits she wears in her videos,believe me I Noticed those outfits.

7aki Fadi said...

LOL Asoom. You are not selling out! What you like is what you like.

Sometimes sappy love songs are good. I still have a soft spot for Mariah's Cary's and Whitney Huston’s songs of the nineties, they have an amazing voice.

One singer I used to love as a teenager and I really REALLY can't stomach now is Celine Dion, like EWWWWW.

Anonymous said...

She was on Good Morning America this morning and sang three new songs. Bye Bye was one of them.

Kristen Bjorg said...

Thanks entirelyrandom for that information.

I watched her sing her other two songs,wearing her pink almost lilac dress and very stylish sunglasses to keep the glare of the sun out of her her eyes,no doubt, as she sang to the sheer delight of the audience:I'm the chick and Touch my body.

She seems to have sacrificed a lot to look the way she does,mostly not eating much.That takes alot of willpower to do and she exercises to and that takes discipline.