Sunday, April 27, 2008

music arabika

Being abfab fan of all that is arabic music i thought i would share the epitome of this generation of artists and their epic works.

First up is an "underrated" artist that manages to stretch the scope of art from the roof to the bathroom floor passing through the bedroom with thought provoking work such as "don't give me your back". A piece of "art" that is so controversial that it didn't make it into the airways.
متدنيش ظهرك - بوسي سمير

For our friends with "peculiar" fetishism we even have an artist that caters to their every whim, an artist for such a niche crowd should be indicative of how progressive the arabic culture became. For in the video Ana hatlob edak we have najla catering to naturalist and bestiality fans all over the arab world, the amount of people that wish they were mules is astounding.
Najlaa - Ana hatlob edak

While to not leave the S&M and leather fans feel left out she brilliantly mixes a mechanic girl fantasy with some dominatrix demeanor that really irks the mind and soul
Najlaa - Ba7

could this be an innocent mistake ? or a sinister play on words ? well if the singers extreme flexibility and downright originality is anything to go by with i would certainly go with the later. Plus this is the most skin shown in the arab world since we had the dead sea nude beach, truly impressive what you can get away with these days.
Maria - Ba7eb El Mass

I wanted marwa - don't do this" to give a sense of the international penetration those great artists are achieving but I thought the post is already long enough

ps. I'm so not gonna do this ever again so no need to tell me that :P


kinzi said...

Bam, what was THAT all about??? Did you OD on Easter candy or something? :)

7aki Fadi said...


But even selling out didn't get any feesback. LOL

7aki Fadi said...

OH MY GOD the first one is stripping :O WOW. sooo artistic. She says a3mellak jaw romancy, LOOOL.

Hilarious man!!!

The third one, OH MY GOD the thong. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Wallahy they are all worse than Brittany and Play boy even.

I feel sorry for the fourth one, donno why. She looks cute and doesn't need this :(

I betcha the artists raided all the strip club clothes stores to get the wardrobe.

No_Angel said...

yup selling out doesn't even work! what has the world come to... shameless commentators.
i think they just raided triumph trash bin ... even strippers got more class about them.

Farah said...

dead sea nude beach? HUH?