Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Blue Man Group: Megamix

In my last day in Orlando we were pretty Disneyed out and decided to try something that didn't require so much walking in heat. The Blue Man Group is a theatrical production that was quite heavily advertised in Orlando since that's the birth town (I think). I've heard of them before since they now play in many major cities in the US and internationally and I was really glad we did this over Disney.

They found a found a really creative way to incorporate a high energy concert, witty comedy, and innovative theatrics that explains their success. I highly recommend this show and here's a clip of the blue men and their band playing "megamix".


7aki Fadi said...

I love the blue man group! I am going to go watch them next time they come to town.

asoom said...

and take little 7aki with you, the kids loved it!

7aki Fadi said...

Thanks for the tip, didn't think little kids enjoy it too, I will definitely take her.