Thursday, April 17, 2008


Have you heard of Gregorian before? I think most of you have not.

Gregorian is a German band performing Gregorian chant. But their chant is a bit different from what we know, because theirs is inspired from modern Rock songs and other genres as well. In other words, they mostly play covers from well known songs in their own style. I have to say, it is amazing.

I think that having couple of your favorite songs in Gregorian style is a must. Anyway I will post 3 of my ultimate favorites.

Losing My Religion (Originally by R.E.M.)

Nothing Else Matters (Originally by Metallica)

Moment of Peace (By Gregorian Ft. Sarah Brightman)

P.S. I think Losing My Religion by Gregorian is the greatest song ever created.


KJ said...

They have to be the most awesomest ever

Jasim said...

They are. :D