Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem

The punk band, Good Charlotte, recently released their fourth album entitled Good Morning Revival. One of the more popular songs from the album, "Dance Floor Anthem", is garnering a lot of airtime with its arena rock sound.

The music video is intensely hyped with its never-ending hospital hallway and dancing nurses. Front man Joel Madden doesn't quite have the moves as other more seasoned rockers, but the voice is there. Speculation is that the song was written after Madden's split with pop princess Hilary Duff.

The energetic song and punchy base sounds great if played through a good set of speakers (which excludes the weenie ones on your computer). You'll need to play this one on some decent equipment to really get the full rockin' effect.


7aki Fadi said...

Gosh it reminds me of one of Moby’s videos, can't remember the name of the song. Do you know which one I am talking about?

Dave said...

I'm not a big Moby fan, so no.