Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion

If there's one band who has withstood the test of time, it's Aerosmith. They have sold 150 million albums worldwide, 65.5 million albums in the United States alone, making them the bestselling American hard rock band of all time. Their musical evolution over the years has made them major innovators in American hard rock, pop, glam, blues, and rap, and has inspired legions of rock artists that came after them.

Aerosmith has become well known for their ability to create slightly veiled, double entendre-laced, innocent-sounding raunch. And what better way to illustrate than to showcase their first Top 40 hit, "Sweet Emotion".

I remember first watching the "Sweet Emotion" video back in the 80's. I was fascinated by frontman Steven Tyler's brash moves and fancy footwork. I loved the concept of a 1-900 midnight phone chat (which would never work in today's internet culture). But the best part of the video is the twist ending (which probably contains more truth than we realize).


kinzi said...

I used to love Aerosmith, but never SAW them, thanks for the clip.

7aki Fadi said...

I love Aerosmith, get a grip tape (yes tape, CDs were expensive :p ) was worn out because I used to play it over and over and over .