Monday, November 19, 2007

Music For A Rainy Day

As the cold, winter season in Jordan approaches and the days become more dreary, I find myself lapsing into "moodier" tunes, songs that might be apropos coming out of the speakers at Starbucks. Perhaps such songs appeal to my desire to be sitting in a snug corner of some quaint coffee house, sipping a hot drink and reading a good book on a cold, rainy day. Who knows.

But for those of you feel the need to get in touch with your "moodier" side as the clouds roll in, here are some of my favorites:

  • James Blunt's All the Lost Souls album

  • John Mayer's Continuum album

  • A few delicious songs from KT Tunstall's album, Eye to the Telescope (namely "Other Side of the World", "Under the Weather", "Universe & U" and "Stoppin' the Love")

  • Any song by Nora Jones (including one sung with Ray Charles entitled "Here We Go Again" from the Genius Loves Company album)

  • "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

  • "Hearbeats" by Jose Gonzalez

  • "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

  • "Sparks" by Coldplay

I hope this gets you started. Please feel free to share your own personal recommendations as I'm still building my "Coffee House Tunes" playlist to last me throughout the winter.


Isam said...

You are the man ! we practically listen to the same music ... amazing choices ...

Dave said...

Isam, hopefully you'll continue to like what I post. But if, for some reason, you disagree with me on a song or two, it won't hurt my feelings. Until then...rock on.

7aki Fadi said...

Thanks Dave for the list I really need some moodier music cos it's cold here and depressing.

OK I like James Blunt a lot but sometimes he is just too whiny, no?

OH OH fun fact, did you know that James Blunt has a phobia of death? It’s true. He is terrified of dying

Dave said...

I added a couple tunes to the end of the list.

asoom said...

nice list, except I was never able to tolerate nora jones, I don't know why I can't stand her singing.

Farah said...

Dudes John Mayer deserves a separate post. May I recommend "Your Body is a Wonderland". Don't tell anybody, but I secretly dream of marrying him. Meh, the hell with anniston.