Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Madonna - Secret

Now of the top of your head there is no one that can't atleast name 3 songs for Madonna (describing the video qualifies as a song name too :P).

For my by far I prefer the mystic and darker version of her of the early nighties. By far this song is my favorite for her .

Secret Lyrics

Also help us welcome Asoom who joined this blog and we hope to hear from her play list soon.
Just in, Dave is going to be joining us too.

So welcome to both Dave and Asoom and we hope that you will make us look like utter slackers here and keep this blog alive :)
Best of Wishes & Enjoy!

ps. this is just to make up for the niche song post before although i think i didn't like MIA at first but she grew on me, plus we didn't have a single Madonna song here :)


7aki Fadi said...

Welcome aboard Guys!

Hani Obaid said...

Only 3 ? I think I can name 10 without trying too hard.

I liked (La Isla Bonita).

I remember in school everyone had to pick any song and try to explain what the lyrics mean, and I picked (Like a prayer). Only when I wrote the lyrics, instead of writing (your voice can take me there). It sounded to me like (your bus can take me there), and I explained how the song is about her boyfriend the bus driver, and the whole class laughed, as I died of embarassment :)

7aki Fadi said...

LOL Hani. LMAO. Bus driver? HAHAHAHA and how old were you?

No_Angel said...

hmm bus driver... school... thoughts drifting :P
that is one good reinterpretation

Hani Obaid said...

12, but keep in mind that I was just learning English, and I was innocent so I didn't even realise the song was about sex until the teacher said so, and then I realised why the bus thing was funny !